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Protecting Patients and Reducing Your Risk of Liability

Watts family of brands offers a comprehensive portfolio of multi-barrier solutions to ensure patient safety at your facility including Legionella and scalding risk mitigation throughout your water system both at point-of-service and point-of-use. From our reliable water heaters, digital mixing systems and line of UV disinfection products that provide safe, precisely-controlled hot water to our snow melting systems that reduce risk of falls from ice and snow, our solutions will keep your patients safe and comfortable throughout their stay.

Legionella Mitigation
Our water heaters and digital mixing systems provide safe hot water on demand without the risk of Legionella through flow control, precise water temperatures or temperature control utilizing integrated storage. Incorporating our line of UV products, water filtration, scale control, backflow preventers and hygienic drains further aids in the reduction of bacteria growing in dead legs and protects against microbiological contamination keeping patients safe from harm. Learn more on Legionella Mitigation

Storage Water Heaters and Digital Mixing Systems
If you prefer storage water heaters, we’ll optimize the storage capacity to meet the specific domestic hot water requirements for your facility. Digital mixing systems deliver precisely controlled hot water ±2°F in accordance with ASSE 1017 elevating water temperatures high enough to treat Legionella bacteria, but safe enough for patients.

Tankless Water Heaters
If you prefer tankless water heaters, we’ll mitigate the risk of Legionella growth through advanced flow control and precise water temperatures ±2-4°F in order to provide safe water to patients.

Thermostatic Point-of-Use Protection
While elevated temperatures mitigate the risk of Legionella in hot water distribution systems, the reality of excessive water temperature at fixtures increases. That’s why Watts’ total tempering solution, from point-of-source to point-of-use, includes Watts and Powers thermostatic shower and lavatory mixing valves to minimize this risk. Valves, showers and faucets are ASSE 1016 — Type T/P, ASSE 1069 and ASSE 1070 approved.

UV Disinfection
Our UV disinfection products protect against microbiological contamination inactivating up to 99.99% (6-log) of harmful organisms in the water supply including Legionella and other bacteria, viruses and parasites. They require no contact with toxic or corrosive chemicals and produce no harmful byproducts.

Anti-Scale Systems
Improves the ability of all components in your system to mitigate risk of Legionella by preventing the build-up of sediment and scale upon which bacteria thrives and hides.

Precise Temperature and Scalding Control
Our water heaters, mixing valves and digital mixing systems provide precise temperature-controlled hot water on demand ±2-4°F of set point so your patients receive hot water when they need it without risk of scalding.

Decreased Falls Due to Ice and Snow
Snow and ice can create treacherous conditions in the winter. Our snow melt systems will prevent slip and falls eliminating the risk of injuries…and potential legal action. These affordable hydronic or electric snow melting systems have automatic start and stop or idle operation, and intelligent features that reduce the cost of operation and improve reliability.

Legionella Affects Thousands Each Year

The Center for Disease Control estimates 8,000 - 18,000 are hospitalized with Legionnaires disease in the U.S. every year. According to the CDC, the key to preventing Legionella’s disease and other illness from water-borne bacteria is proper maintenance of the water distribution systems. Factors internal to buildings that can lead to Legionella growth include:

  • Water temperature fluctuations
  • Water pressure changes
  • Inadequate disinfectant
  • Water stagnation
  • Scale and sediment
  • Dead legs

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