Our systems help irrigation professionals protect potable plumbing from the dangers caused by water backflow. Drawing on reliable flow control components, we've applied a system solutions approach to designing a reliable system that is simple to maintain.

With certified and listed backflow preventers, relief and shutoff valves, sensors, strainers, and other irrigation components, we've designed flow control systems and a single source of expertise that can simplify operation and maintenance—and save money.


If you need it to perform as a system make sure it’s engineered as a system.

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How You Benefit from Watts Irrigation Systems

  • Complete system solutions for irrigation flow control—turnkey simplicity and integrated performance
  • Lower cost of ownership—time-tested reliability and quality
  • Unmatched flow performance
  • Designed for optimal flow performance and ease of maintenance
  • Stainless steel components available for harsh conditions
  • Multiple agency approvals and listings—improves confidence and compliance