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Information to assist you in Legionella mitigation

A comprehensive water management program begins with thorough understanding of your risks and requirements. We have assembled this library of useful resources to facilitate and shorten your team’s learning process so you can move forward effectively. Our CEU-approved courses provide a breadth and depth of knowledge that will help guide your decisions and process development. Our brochures will help you find the systems and solutions needed to efficiently and cost effectively ensure the safety of your facility’s water.
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E-learning videos & Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses

CEU videos linked below allow you to watch the video then take the quiz to earn credit.

CEU Course: Meeting New Water Quality Mandates in Healthcare Settings

This presentation walks you through the new national standards that target reducing the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. The content of this program is sponsored by Watts and was first published in Architectural Record magazine.
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CEU Course: Solutions to Help Control Legionella

This presentation walks you through the new national standards that target reducing the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. The content of this program is sponsored by Watts and was first published in Architectural Record magazine.
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Battling Legionella from POE to POU

In healthcare facilities, mitigating the risk of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens means combating risk areas at each step along the way. Let’s take a look at how water travels through the premise plumbing system, where risk rises, and solutions that can be implemented to reduce risk.
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Open Safe – Is Your Building Ready to Reopen?

COVID-19 has brought a new risk to the forefront. When preparing to reopen your facility after a building closing, stagnant water poses an increased risk of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. Navigate the reopening process for optimal levels of safety with a white paper, informative infographic, recommissioning checklist and water quality checklists, and more developed by our water quality experts.

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Literature, whitepapers & e-books


Legionella Overview

The development of a well-built water management plan requires that you fully understand your facility's three points of risk. The mitigation of Legionella is not just about where bacteria may exist in your water system, but why.

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Healthcare Solutions

Learn how Watts solutions help ensure patient safety and system efficiency in healthcare facility plumbing and HVAC systems.

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Hospitality Solutions

This brochure describes how safe water systems can help you deliver superior guest experiences and reduced total cost of ownership.

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Legionella Scenarios

Healthcare settings can sometimes have complex premise plumbing systems. The most effective solutions to ensure patient safety will vary based on building sizes, functions, and requirements. Explore different scenarios, risk factors, and fundamental solutions to mitigate Legionella in a variety of building types.

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Digital Technology: The Next Generation of Water Mixing

One of the most effective ways to inhibit Legionella growth in domestic hot water is by elevating the water to high temperatures. Focusing on requirements for commercial and institutional facilities, “Digital Technology – the Next Generation of Water Mixing” shows how smart technology, with its precise temperature control, gives facility managers increased flexibility in combatting the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

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Guarding Against Legionella: Every Stakeholder Needs a Voice

While following approved procedures and protocols aimed at lessening the risk of Legionella and other waterborne diseases, it's essential to consider what the patient experience would be in the event of an outbreak. Read why all stakeholders have something to contribute to the discussions organizations have about mitigating Legionella risk, including families and patients.

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Reducing Scale in a Premise Plumbing System Can Inhibit Legionella Growth

This white paper describes the role scale deposits play in trapping biofilms, which create an environment that promotes Legionella growth. It also explains how Watts OneFlow® scale prevention solutions, based on template assisted crystallization (TAC), can effectively reduce the formation of lime scale.

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Mitigating Increased Risk of Legionella in Unoccupied Buildings

They say the plumber protects the health of the nation, which is especially relevant when commercial buildings sit vacant or under-occupied. Learn about actions to take in order to help reduce the risk of waterborne pathogens before occupants return to a vacant building.

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Mitigating Legionella with Piping

Smart plumbing design plays a fundamental role in mitigating harmful bacteria and viruses, but what about selecting the most suitable pipe for the application? "Mitigating Legionella with Piping" addresses several piping attributes and conditions to consider in order to mitigate the growth of Legionella and the spread of disease in healthcare applications.

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Industry links

For your convenience we have provided the following direct links to more information on Legionella and Water Management Program guidelines.

ASHRAE Center for Disease Control and Prevention